Scimm Dance Company

SCIMM Dance Company is a professional Melbourne based dance company specialising in a strong technical foundation fused with a commercial flare. Founded by industry professionals Tim Barnes and Scott Pokorny, SCIMM Dance Company is constantly moving forward with a strong, versatile and creative front.

SCIMM Dance Professional
Company of 2019


Scott Pokorny & Tim Barnes

SCIMM Dance Company Directors

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bailey glen

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brittany page

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cosima torres-sturt

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gabrielle loveridge


hara papoulias

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jack rowan

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jess quinn

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jessica morris

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kallee richardson

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lochie mcdougall

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melissa pham

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oliver sievers

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sarah perkins


sarochinee sawakchim

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shannon dawes

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shaylin durban

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skylar delphinus

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stacey van venrooy

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stefanie grogan

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vanessa northcott

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xavier pellin